A headshot of me, a white woman with blue-green eyes and short, medium-brown hair, wearing a green sweater and magenta lip color.

Welcome! I’m a scholar and teacher of writing and rhetoric working as an assistant professor in the Technical Communication and Rhetoric Program at Texas Tech University. At Texas Tech, I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on topics such as technical writing, literacy studies, disability, composition theory, and transnational feminism. I am also the associate editor of Peitho.

My research interests include transnational feminism, public rhetoric, digital media, disability, and activism. My book, Activist Literacies: Transnational Feminisms and Social Media Rhetorics, was published October 20, 2022 by the University of South Carolina Press.

While this website is dedicated to my academic experience and interests, I consider creative and community-based activities a complementary part of my life that facilitate and enrich my scholarly work. When I’m not working, my hobbies include photography (especially nature photography), baking, gardening, and SCUBA diving. I also enjoy working with activist and community groups focused on disability, chronic illness, and gender and sexuality.